Dance Team names List: Since you have your dance group together, it’s an opportunity to arrive up with a dance team name. Here is a rundown of the best dance team name ideas for your capable crew. 

Stand up and prepare to cut a mat with some dance team individuals and companions. You are very brave dancers in your gathering so now it’s a great opportunity to give it a name to make things official. 

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Dance team names will help bring together your team for practices, practices, and rivalries. Regardless of whether your dance is artful dance, jazz, hip-jump, or the entirety of the abovementioned, your dance gathering ought to embody your dance team individuals. The following is a rundown of inventive and one of a kind team names to help move you. 

what is a good dance group name-hip hop dance nicknames :

You owe nobody a conciliatory sentiment for looking for a kickass name for your dance gathering. A great dance team needs an incredible name and as a team part, you must discover it. A decent team name would make marking simpler, yet it will likewise help the team soul. 

In any case, concocting a decent dance team name isn’t a simple errand, which is the reason we have assembled a rundown of brilliant Dance Team Names to enable your team to locate the magnificent name you merit. Regardless of whether you don’t care for any of these dance team names, they could fill in as a motivation for your unique team name. 

  • Athletic Apes – For a team with super energetic male dancers
  • Banging Beats – For a team that can jump of any beat and make it look epic
  • Big Bang Buddies – For a gang of male dancers with banging dance moves
  • Black Fire – For a usual and blazing hot dance crew
  • Body Breakers – For a dance crew with members that have incredibly flexible bodies
  • Bone crushers – For a team with hot & destructive dance steps
  • Dance Dynasty – A dance crew with hip-hop flowing from one vein to another
  • Dance-Hungry – A team that has an unquenchable hunger for hip-hopping dance moves that are always ready to break into a dance routine
  • Extreme Moves – A dance team with crazy yet exciting dance moves
  • Fast Frequency – For a team with swift & insane dance steps
  • Fiery Dancers – For a team with fierce dance moves
  • Flaming arrows – A dance team with sharp dance moves
  • Freaky Scorpions – For a freaky and tough dance team
  • Hammered Movement – A dance team with banging dance moves
  • Heat Emitters – A dance team with moves as hot as fire
  • Hip Controlla – For a team that have the hottest lower body moves
  • Hip Hop Central – Perfect for a team that has only the most fantastic Hip-hop crew members
  • Hopping Robots – A dance team of fast and energetic hip-hop dancers
  • Hot Coals – For a team with moves that are too hot to handle
  • Ignited Spirits – For a dance team with a fiery spirit that never dies down
  • Intensified – For a dance team with the powerful and intense moves
  • Mighty Leapers – For an energetic dance team with mighty moves
  • Party Animals – A dance team that is always the life of the party
  • Rapid Rhythms – For a team with fast and clean moves
  • Revolution X – A dance team that refines the meaning of Hip Hop
  • Rolling Racket – For a playful dance team that’s all over the place
  • Rugged Moves – For a dance team with rugged and very energetic moves
  • Scattermen – For a wild dance team with plenty of energy
  • Sick Stunters – A hip-hop team with fantastic dance moves
  • Sleek Sliders – For a dance team with the sleekest & dopest moves
  • Smoking Moves – For a dance team with moves that are super hot and hard not to notice
  • Star Boyz – For a male dance team with super talented hip hop dancers
  • Tempo Terrorists – A hip-hop team that can jump on any beat and do justice to it
  • The Fierce Kings – For a dance team with super talented and fierce male dancers
  • The Fit Dancers – A dance team with trim & flexible looking members
  • The Flash – A dance team with super clean & smooth moves
  • The Flexers – For a team that show off sick moves
  • The Heat – For a super hot dance crew
  • The Hitmen – For a dance team with super talented male dance members
  • The Legacy – A dance crew full of living legends
  • The Oxygen – For a dance team with refreshing dance moves
  • The Pack – A team name for a unified hip-hop dance team
  • The Plug – For a dance team with the best vibes
  • The Sizzlers – A dance team with sizzling dance moves
  • The Smoke – For a dance team with a smoking hot dance crew
  • The Stingers – For a dance team with moves that are as dangerous as they come
  • The Tornados – For a dance team with the most fantastic dance moves
  • The Wave – For a sleek dance team with fantastic moves
  • The Wrecking Effect – For a dance team with epic & destructive moves
  • Wicked Limbs – A dance team with incredibly flexible limbs

Dance team names generator high school dance team names

This name generator will give you 10 irregular names for dance styles. The names in this generator were propelled by genuine dance names, yet by far most are unique, and open to any translation regarding what sort of dance goes with the name. 

A few names could be viewed as varieties of existing dances, which makes adding a dance style to the name somewhat simpler. Different names are genuinely simple to decipher, yet others may require somewhat more creative mind. 

Funny Dance Team Names

  • Angry Birds – For a very strange crew that dances like angry creatures
  • Bomfunk – For a very playful and lively dance crew
  • Boogie Bandits – For a team made up of playful and fun dancers
  • Boogie Dancers – For a dance crew with very playful and somewhat bizarre dance moves
  • Boogie Down – For an overly playful and super fun dance crew
  • Boom Bang – For a crew that uses too much energy on the dance floor
  • Catchy Chaos – For a crew with very interesting but somewhat disorganized choreography
  • Craze Clan – For a team full of weird and wild members
  • Dance Blasters – For a crew that’s always breaking into a dance at every opportunity
  • Dance Bugs – For a dance team that acts like they were bitten by dance “bugs”
  • Dancing Clouds – For a crew that’s literally floating all over the place at once
  • Dancing Devils – For a dance crew that move like furious beings
  • Drunk-like movers – For a crew that dances like they’ve had too much to drink
  • Feet Fever – For a dance crew with feet that are far from normal
  • Funky Monkeys – For a dance crew that has very energetic and active male members
  • Howling Holligans – For a dance crew with very loud and wild choreography that you can’t miss
  • Jelly Jigglers – For a crew that moves all over the place like jelly
  • Jiggy Jaguars – For a crew that dances like they’re always tipsy
  • Jiggy Jumping – For a dance crew that has too much energy scattered all over
  • Mad for Music – For a dance team that gets too excited when a music starts
  • Mad movers – For a dance team with ridiculous and hilarious moves
  • Modern Mad Men – For a crew filled with sophisticated but weird dancers
  • Music Junkies – For a dance crew that have an unhealthy obsession with music
  • Music Maniacs – For a dance team that never gets tired of moving too fast music
  • Party Criminals – For a dance crew that’s always found wherever there’s a party
  • Sound Psychos – For a dance team that act like lunatics when their jam comes on
  • Spooky Steppers – For a dance team with weird and creepy moves
  • Stereo Lunatics – For a crew that goes crazy when a song starts on the stereo
  • Sweet and Sweaty – For a crew with cute moves but who are always all over the place
  • The Bombastics – For a dance team that’s into loud music but silly dancing
  • Woozy Men – For a male dance crew made up of the silliest dancers ever
  • Woozy Walkers – For a dance team that make their moves seem like they’re drunk or unstable

praise dance team names

A name is normally what is utilized in recognizing everything, people, gatherings, or any components. Since you have at last made a gathering filled with beautiful dancers, wouldn’t you say it’s a great opportunity to go with a name that will be utilized to distinguish your team? 

On this page, you will discover loads of kickass names for your dance team. The names include both kickass names for Hip Hop dance teams, church dance team, road dance team, just as fun, cool dance team names, and dance team names for young ladies. 

Regardless of whether your team is comprised of ballet performers, jazz dancers, or hip-bounce dancers, one reason for receiving a name for your team is that it will assist work with adoring and solidarity among the team individuals. Beneath, you will discover a rundown of more than 500 extraordinary dance team names that you and your team can use for distinguishing proof. 

You will likewise discover a segment underneath toward the finish of this article that will tell you the best way to make your interesting dance team name. Along these lines, you should simply locate the ideal name that best suits your team beneath or utilize the guide underneath to make your extraordinary dance name for your team.

  • Ballerina Bellas
  • Chill Chickas
  • Dancing Angels
  • Dancing Devils
  • Dancing Divas
  • Dancing Dolls
  • Dancing Jewels
  • Daring Divas
  • Daring Diamonds
  • Daring Dolls
  • Darling Diamonds
  • Darling Divas
  • Darling Dolls
  • Dazzle Factory
  • Dazzling Diamonds
  • Dazzling Divas
  • Dazzling Dolls
  • Dazzling Jewels
  • Diamond Dynasty
  • Diva Dynasty
  • Diva Moves
  • Doll Dynasty
  • Fancy Jewels
  • Flitter Girls
  • Fluttering Butterflies
  • Fly Girls
  • Glitter Garnets
  • Glitter Stars
  • Glitzy Girls
  • Glowing Girls
  • Golden Glam
  • Golden Lionesses
  • Jammin Jewels
  • Lady Movers
  • Perfect Pearls
  • Pink Pearls
  • Popping Princesses
  • Prancing Pearls
  • Rare Rubies
  • Red Rubies
  • Shimmering Diamonds
  • Shimmering Divas
  • Shimmering Dolls
  • Shimmering Jewels
  • Shimmering Pearls
  • Shimmering Sapphires
  • Sparkling Jewels
  • Sparkling Sapphires
  • Sun Dolls
  • Twirl Girls
  • Twirling Dolls
  • Twirling Tigerettes

Dance Team Names for Kids

  1. Angel Feet – A team with beautifully balanced steps.
  2. Boogie Woogies – A dance team with an adorable waist and hip movements.
  3. Bunny Feet – A team with strong feet movements.
  4. Celestial Beings – A kiddies group with unbelievable and unpredictable moves like spiritual beings
  5. Dance & Dazzle – A dance crew with energetic steps and appearance.
  6. Dolls That Dance – A dance team with insane flexibility on the dance floor.
  7. Fab and Fancy – A team of girls with a bright nature and colorful formation.
  8. Fancy Steppers – A team with flashy, neat steps.
  9. Fiesty Cubs – For a team with bold and powerful steps for kids.
  10. Flowery Dancers – A kiddie’s dance group with amazing flexibility and acrobatic skills.
  11. Fresh Fire – A kiddie’s team with the hottest new steps.
  12. Generation X – A dance team with show-stopping steps.
  13. Golden Girls – Best for a kiddie’s crew with bold and attractive moves.
  14. Groovy Guppies – A male kiddie’s team with funky steps.
  15. Happy Hoppers – A team with an excited and playful vibe around them.
  16. Heart and Soul – Suitable for a team that is great in dance dramas (interpreting a story through dance moves)
  17. Jazzy Kiddies – A kiddie’s team that dances to jazz music.
  18. Junior “Jacksons” – An All-boy kiddies group that dresses up & dances with steps similar to that of Michael Jackson.
  19. Kid Army – A team of well-drilled children dancers.
  20. La Belles – A team of young females that move like true ladies.
  21. Ladybirds – An adorable dance team with fire steps and ballet skills.
  22. Lightning Bugs – Suitable for a kiddies dance army with sharp and powerful moves.
  23. Lil Legends – A kiddie’s team with killer moves even at their age.
  24. Little Rockets – A kiddie’s team with swift and daring moves.
  25. Magic Feet – A team with amazing and insane leg movements.
  26. Mighty Blasters – A group with firm, bold and loud dance moves
  27. Power Panthers – A kiddie’s team with vibrant energy.
  28. Precious Petals – Best for a team with graceful dance routines.
  29. Rise and Shine – For a kiddie’s team with a lot of pure talent
  30. Roaring Tigers – A kiddies group full of energy and speed in all their routines.
  31. RockaBabies – Best for a crew full of tiny and adorable dancers
  32. Sharp swingers – A dance group with prompt and flexible movements.
  33. Shooting stars – Suitable for a team with bright steps and dancers.
  34. Shy steps – A team who appear to have a timid look yet great steps.
  35. Spin’n Sparkle – A team with super swift body moves.
  36. Starlight – A dance team destined to shine forth their light
  37. Sunny Steppers – A team with sharp moves and looks.
  38. Sweet n Sassy – For a team of young girls who dance with a “Queen B” attitude.
  39. The Cool Clique – A dance crew filled with fresh and exciting kids
  40. The Insiders – For a dance team that’s seen as the coolest kiddies crew ever.
  41. The Sugary Effect – A team with sweet dance combinations that leave a lasting impression.
  42. Twinkle Toes – A team with interesting feet movements.
  43. Wavy Sunshine – A dance group with rhythmic and bright dance steps.
  44. Zooming Energy – A team with intense energy on the dance floor.

Girl Dance Team Names

  • Banging Bottoms – For a dance crew with the most dangerous looking dance routines
  • Beat Bakers – For a female dance team that always does justice to any beat
  • Bey-sciousness – For a dance crew that’s completely obsessed with “Queen Bey.”
  • Booty Bouncers – For a female dance team that love to shake their butts at every opportunity
  • Bubble Butt Girls – For a naughty and playful dance crew
  • Candy Girls – For a dance team with the sweetest dance moves
  • Classy Cocos – For a dance team with super sophisticated and sassy girls
  • Dancing Crystals – A team with sparkling steps and appearance.
  • Delicious Dancers – For an irresistible dance crew with exciting moves
  • Dirty Divas – For a crew that enjoys dirty dancing
  • Dolled-Up Dynasty – Best for a girl group with refined steps.
  • Fancy Feet – For a crew with classy and talented female members
  • Feisty Fairies – For a female crew of pretty looking yet wild dancers
  • Fiery Flamingos – For a sassy dance crew with bold and powerful moves
  • Flaming Figures – For a crew with the hottest female dancers
  • Flavourful – For a very exciting and playful female crew
  • Fly’n Fiesty – For a trendy, feisty and talented dance crew
  • Freaky Femmes – For a female crew with very playful and intriguing routines
  • Frequency Freaks – For a dance crew that enjoys grooving to loud and wild music
  • Funkalicious – For a funky and intriguing dance crew
  • Fury Dancers – For an energetic and fierce female crew
  • Girly Gangsters – For a girl group that appears to be “ghetto” in nature
  • Graceful Gliders – For a dance team with very gentle and well-organized moves
  • Hair Whippers – For a female crew that enjoys getting playful with their hair on the dance floor
  • Hot Lava – For a female dance team with super hot dance routines
  • Jazz Jigglers – A female dance crew that enjoys dancing to Jazz music
  • Juicy Krew – For a yummy looking & enticing female dance crew
  • Killa Kitties – For a fierce and powerful dance team
  • Mad Mistresses – For a wild and crazy female dance crew
  • Maidens Of Music – For a dance team that represents dance wherever they go
  • Mesmerizers – For a dance crew with captivating routines and choreography
  • Mystic mermaids – For a very irresistible and exciting female dance crew
  • Mystical Melody – For a dance team with very magical and melodious dance moves
  • Naughty Moves – For a crew with very sensual and freaky dance moves
  • Party Poppers – For a dance team that loves to turn up at parties
  • Party Rockers – For a loud and spontaneous dance team
  • Popping Princesses – For a sophisticated looking crew with talented dancers
  • Raging Roses – For a sweet looking dance crew with the fiercest dance routines
  • Rebels In Heels – A dance crew full of bold and rebellious ladies
  • Rolling Dollars – For a female dance crew that brings in a lot of dough
  • Sexy Paws – For a sassy and energetic dance crew
  • Sexy steppers – For a female dance crew with a lot of sex appeal
  • Sexy Swingers – For a female dance team that emits plenty of sex appeal with their dance
  • Sinful Synergy – A team with sick and bizarre dance combinations.
  • Soulful Shakers – For a dance crew that gets you giddy all the way to your soul
  • Spicy shakers – For a very engaging and irresistible dance team
  • Spicy Sistas – For a crew full of interesting and vibrant dancers
  • Sugar Girls – For an irresistible dance team with the sweetest moves ever
  • Summer Sensation – For an attractive dance crew with fancy moves
  • Sweet’n’Sour – For a team that has the best versatile dancers
  • The Charmers – For a dance team with enticing female dancers
  • The Lionesses – For a girl team with bold steps and attitude just like lionesses
  • The Passion Girls – For a female crew that dance with plenty of passion and energy.
  • The Temptresses – For an irresistible and sexy female dance team
  • Twerk Queens – For a girl group with mad skills in twerking
  • Voodoo Vixens – For a crew with very unusual and distinct dance routines
  • Wild Cat – For a bold and fierce female crew
  • Wild’n’Wicked – For an extreme and daring female dance crew

Cool Names for Dance Teams

  • Alien Moves – For a crew with unique and dynamic dance moves
  • Beat Blasters – For a team that’s always ready to murder any beat
  • Bizarre Bodies – For a crew with members that have the most unusually flexible bodies
  • Dance Laboratory – For a dance team that has the most naturally talented set of crew members
  • Dance Ninjas – For an all-male dance team with super talented & well-trained dancers
  • Dancing Dragons – For a crew that has the most fantastic and fierce dancers ever
  • Dancing Rockets – For a crew with the most powerful dance skills
  • Daytime Crawlers – For a crew that’s always ready to groove all day long
  • Demi-gods – For a dance team that is unmatchable and with the most powerful dancers ever
  • Electric – For a very electrifying and powerful dance crew
  • Fantastic Four – For a 4-man team that have the most fantastic and exhilarating moves
  • Fatal Fellas – For a dance crew that can perform justice to any beat
  • Feisty Falcons – For a wild and powerful dance crew with energetic dance routines
  • Freaky Disciples – For a very serious looking dance crew with the freakiest moves ever
  • Funky Feet – A dance team that have lively and spirit-filled dance moves
  • Funky Fire – For a wild dance crew with a lot of passion
  • Funky Fusion – For a dance team that’s full of life and fresh by nature
  • Furious Frequency – For a dance crew with fast-paced and aggressive dance moves
  • Golden Groovers – For a talented dance crew that has been around for a while
  • Groovy Gentlemen – For a dance team filled with very sophisticated men that know how to burst into a move
  • Heartbeaters – For a crew that can get your heart beating uncontrollably with their sick moves
  • Heavy Hitters – A crew with the most powerful and talented dance routines
  • Ice Breakers – For a dance team so hot that they can melt almost anything
  • Illumination Steppers – For a crew that has the most modern and “In vogue” dance routines
  • Lord Of The Rhythms – For a male dance crew that knows how to groove to just about any beat
  • Mellow movers – A dance crew with simple but well-calculated dance routines
  • Moonwalkers – For a dance team perfect at the art of doing the “moonwalk.”
  • Music Breathers – For a dance crew that lives and breathes for music
  • On Cloud 9 – For a dance team that’s always super hyped and ready to groove
  • Overdosed – For a dance team with too much groovy energy in their system
  • Powered Up – For a crew that is energetic and geared up for dance
  • Rattlers Society – For a very united crew that dances like nothing else matters
  • Rhythm Rebels – For a very talented and provocative dance crew
  • Rhythm Riders – For a dance crew that can jump on any beat and ride with it in a sleek manner
  • Robotics – For a dance team that moves like they have no bone in them
  • Rocking Rangers – For a very unique team that knows how to rock on the dance floor
  • Rocky Wreckers – For a crew with dangerous and edgy vibes on the dance floor
  • Rollers Regime – For a team that’s ushering in a new era of what dance should
  • Roof Raisers – For a vibrant dance team that shuts down the place every time
  • Room shakers – A dance crew that can turn a location upside down with their crazy routines
  • Sharp Steppers – For a dance team that always have a quick and powerful choreography
  • Sizzled Shakers – For a team with a lot of sizzling and infectious energy in them
  • Sleek Sliders – For a dance crew that have the sleekest and most organized routines
  • Smooth Riders – For a dance team that have the smoothest and cleanest dance routines
  • Star Formation – For a crew made up of the most talented and professional dancers
  • Sunny Moves – For a bright and energetic dance crew
  • Surreal Movements – For a team with the most incredible dance moves
  • Tango Tots – For a crew that have the best dancing skills when it comes to Tango
  • Tapping Tribe – A dance crew that have the coolest tap dancing skills
  • Tempo Masters – For a dance crew that has mastered the art of moving skillfully to any kind of Tempo
  • The Art – For a crew with super talented members that they could be seen as the human definition of dance
  • The Central – For a crew that’s the best thing when it comes to great dancing
  • The Cool Crew – The perfect name for the coolest dance crew right now
  • The Cruising Crew – For a fast and overactive dance crew
  • The Drillers – For a dance team that can push through to the top with their insane strength
  • The Elites – For a powerful and sophisticated dance crew
  • The Fuse – A crew filled with amazing dancers and trendsetters
  • The State of Motion – For a very energy dance team that’s always moving to a beat
  • The Thrillers – For a zealous dance crew that gets everyone thrilled with each performance
  • Thunderous Tappers – For a Tap dancing crew that brings a lot of energy every single time
  • Trailblazers – A dance team that will set the pace for all other crews
  • Twisting Thugs – For a fast and somewhat aggressive dance team with dope moves
  • Xtreme Ideas – For a dance crew filled with “daredevils” that always pull crazy stunts

Street Dance Team Names

  • AfterDark – For a street team that loves to dance late into the night
  • Backyard Behavior – For a very playful and down-to-earth street dance team
  • Banging Machines – For a fast moving & energetic dance team
  • Bass bullies – For a dance team that can murder just about any beat
  • Beastful Boys – For a very dramatic and wild male dance crew
  • Beat Miners – For a crew that’s always looking for the hottest beats to jump on
  • Black Panthers – For an all-black, bold and fearless dance team
  • Dirty Dancers – For a freaky and wild street dance crew
  • Dirty Dudes – For a male dance crew with very naughty and “street-like” dance moves
  • Dynamite – For a blazing hot & untouchable dance crew
  • Freaky Bears – For a crew with super hot and sexy male dance members
  • Funky Fellas – For a very uptown and playful dance crew
  • Groovy Gangstas – For a very crazy and wild dance crew
  • Hip Hoppers – For a street crew that’s obsessed with Hip-hop
  • Illegal – A dance team with the dopest dance skills
  • In Sync – For a crew that has a high level of harmony and synchronization when dancing
  • Infinite mob – For the best and baddest Street dance crew that’s second to none
  • Infinity – For a dance team with super talented & unbeatable members
  • Insane Boyz – For a bunch of wild and playful male dancers
  • Jungle Boys – For a very ghetto or “hood” sort of crew
  • Kings of Footwork – A male dance crew that can do the dopest things with their feet
  • MayDay – For an irregular dance crew that everyone anticipates watching
  • Monster Moves – For a very unusual and “out of this world” dance crew
  • Most Wanted – For the hottest street dance crew ever
  • Music Maniacs – For a crew that’s completely obsessed with dancing to good music
  • Outlaws – For a dance team so good that they should be illegal
  • Poison – For a dance crew with killer moves
  • Pythons – For a dance team with super scary and crazy energy
  • Roller Riders – For a dance team that’s always ready to jump on a beat
  • Sick Harmony – For a crew with the wildest yet most organized moves
  • Smashed – For a dance crew with super fantastic choreography
  • Snipers – For a dance team that deliver sharp and smooth dance moves
  • Solemn Sensation – For a dance team with calm and well-calculated dance moves
  • Stereo Shakers – For a dance crew that can handle just about anything the Dj plays
  • Swag District – For a dance crew that’s known to be the hottest thing around
  • The Effect – For a crew that represents the effect of great music – great dance moves
  • The Flash Mob – A dance crew with super fast & sleek moves
  • The Fly Fellas – For a very cool and exciting male dance team
  • The Hit Squad – For a dance team with banging choreography
  • The Rebels – For a very wild and bold dance team
  • The Savages – For a wild and energetic dance crew
  • The Storm – For a fast and heart-racing dance crew
  • The Wow Factor – A dance crew that always leaves everyone amazed
  • Timebomb – For a very hot crew just waiting to explode on a dance floor
  • Toxic Energy – A dance crew with a dangerous sort of energy
  • Vicious Villains – For a crafty and brilliant dance team
  • Wreck Effect – For a very wild and expressive dance team

Church Dance Team Names

  • Ablaze for Him – For a dance team burning for Jesus
  • Abundant Fire – For a dance team with a lot of burning passion
  • Amplified Moves – For a team with dance moves that are hard to miss
  • Armed with Moves – A dance team with mighty moves
  • Blasting for Jesus – An energetic dance team doing it all for Jesus
  • Blasting Souls – A dance team displaying passion and energy
  • Bloodline of Christ – For a dance team with the lineage of Christ flowing through their veins
  • Bought Over – For a team that has been bought over by the blood of Jesus
  • Burning Hearts – For a dance crew with a heart burning for Christ
  • Candles On A Hill – A dance team displaying the light of Christ to the world
  • Catching Fire – For a team that has caught the fire and is burning for the Lord
  • Chain-breakers – A crew breaking boundaries with dance
  • Christ Bearers – A team that dances with Christ at the center of their lives
  • Christ Chasers – For a dance team chasing after the Kingdom of God
  • Christ Factor – For a crew that dances with Christ as their head
  • Christ-Connected – A dance team that is divinely connected to the father
  • Christian Chaos – A Christian dance crew with loud music and steps.
  • Citizens Of Christendom – A crew that stands as a proud ambassador of Christianity
  • Consuming Fire – For a crew with hot and powerful vibes
  • Dance Divine – For a crew with Divine Grace upon their lives
  • Dance To Glorify – For a team that dances to give Christ the ultimate praise
  • Dancing Crosses – A dance team that represents Christ and his sacrifice for all humanity
  • Dancing like David – A team that dances like when the spirit of the Lord came upon David
  • Dancing pillars – For a dance team with a strong foundation in Christ
  • Dancing Preachers – For a team with a message behind every dance
  • Dancing to Victory – For a Christian dance crew with an uplifting dance choreography
  • Destined To Dance – For a crew with the purpose of ministering through dance
  • Electrified for Christ – A dance team with an undeniable spark for Christ
  • Fishers of Men – For a dance team winning souls for Christ
  • Flaming Torchlights – For a burning dance team leading the people down the right path
  • Flowing Water – A dance team that moves with agility and strength
  • For the Cause – For a crew that dances for the ultimate cause – to win souls
  • For The Culture – For a dance team promoting the Christian culture
  • Fueled for Christ – A crew burning with passion for the Lord
  • Full Of Fire – For a crew burning for Jesus
  • Giants of God – For a dance team that is mighty in the hands of God
  • God Gang – For a crew on the side of the Lord
  • Grace Carriers – A dance team with grace radiating from their lives
  • Gravitated Spirits – For a team that has been elevated through dance
  • Heaven Harvesters – A dance team winning lost souls for heaven
  • Heaven-Bound – For a crew that dances with the consciousness of Heaven in mind
  • Heavenly Beings – For a team made for the Kingdom of Heaven
  • Heirs of Heaven – A dance team with inheritance in heaven
  • His Ark – For a dance team representing only Christ
  • His Army – For a dance team that’s doing the work of the Lord
  • His Battalion – A crew ready to fight for the Kingdom of Christ through dance
  • His Vessels – A dance team that has submitted itself to be used by Christ
  • His Vineyard – A dance team dedicated to being tended and used by the master
  • Holy Feet – A dance crew with moves that are inspired by the Holy Spirit and for the Kingdom
  • Imprinted in Him – For a team that makes Jesus evident in their dance.
  • Intense Capacity – For a dance team doing exploits through Christ
  • Intentional Movers – For a dance crew with a message in every dance move
  • Jesus filled – For a dance team that is all out for Jesus
  • Jesus jukeboxes – A team that was custom made to glorify Jesus with dance
  • Joyful Jars – For a dance team filled with the joy of the Lord
  • Jubilee Squad – For a dance team that dances with a lot of excitement and energy
  • Jump for Joy – For a dance team that stays joyful and excited
  • Justified Spirits – For a dance team made whole again in Christ
  • Kingdom Energizers – A dance team that gets the crowd on fire for Christ
  • Kingdom Flexers – For a cool dance team representing His kingdom
  • Kingdom Krew – For a dance “Krew” representing the Kingdom of God
  • LightHouse for Christ – For a dance team-leading lost souls back to Christ
  • Living Souls – For a dance team that is alive in Christ
  • Living springs – A dance team with grace and life flowing from Christ
  • Made to Dance – For a dance team destined to dance to honor God
  • Manifesting Christ – A dance team that showcases Jesus in every way
  • Molded to Glorify – For a dance team created to praise the creator
  • Mountain Movers – For a dance team that does the impossible things through Christ
  • Occupied in Christ – For a dance team working for Christ
  • Occupied Souls – A dance team wholly sold to Christ
  • Offerings – A dance team that offers itself as a sacrifice for the Kingdom
  • On Fire – For a dance team that is burning intensely for the kingdom
  • Orchard of Christ – A Christian team entirely dedicated to Christ
  • Outbursts For Christ – A dance team that pours out life through their dance for the sake of Christ
  • Paradise On Earth – A dance team representing heaven on Earth
  • Path Lighters – A dance team that pulls others towards the kingdom
  • Power Grooves – For a dance team making mighty and powerful moves
  • Proclaiming Christ – A dance team that pronounces the name of Jesus with what they do
  • Propelled to Dance – For a crew that cannot help but dance for the Lord
  • Purified Invasion – For a holy and redeemed dance team ready to take charge
  • Purposeful Movers – A dance team serving a purpose in Christ
  • Radicals For Christ – A dance team causing a reformation for the Lord
  • Redeemed to Dance – A team that was saved and redeemed to dance
  • Redefined – For a dance team that has been saved by Christ
  • Refined Wine – For a dance team with fresh anointing flowing in them
  • Rejoicing Feet – For a team with a lot of giddiness and excitement
  • Revived to Dance – A dance team that is burning for the sake of the Lord
  • Righteous Rebels – A dance team righteous to be rebels for the Lord
  • Rock City – A Christian dance team with a lot of energy and wonderful
  • Rooted in Him – A dance team standing firmly in the Lord
  • Salt of The Earth – A dance team that has been called to stand out in the world
  • Solid Rockers – A Christian dance crew built on the Solid Rock
  • Soul Winners – A team winning souls through dance
  • Souled to Jesus – For a team bought with a price by the Lord
  • Soulful Movers – For a crew that dances with a lot of emotion
  • Spirit Dancers – For a team with intense and captivating dance moves
  • Sunday Thunder – For a church dance team that causes an uproar on Sunday mornings
  • The Archers – For a dance team known to be “sharpshooters” with every ministration
  • The Chosen – For a dance team handpicked for the Kingdom
  • The Crusaders – For a crew publicizing Christ through dance
  • The Explosive – For a dance team with an anointing that cannot be contained
  • The Impactors – A dance team that touches lives with every ministration
  • The Royal Generation – For a dance team that has been called to be the peculiar race
  • Thirst Quenchers – A team that quenches and satisfies those hungry for an experience with Christ
  • Truth & Life – A dance crew that represents what it means to live a life in Christ
  • Wings like Eagles – For a dance team vested with strength like the eagles
  • Young & On Fire – A dance team filled with youthful and passionate crew members

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